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BEAM's Chrome Extension saves creators codes right on your browser and reminds users to apply your code at checkout.

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Update your discount codes from the creator dashboard so subscribers never miss out on a deal - and you get the commission.

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1: Create an account

Once you sign up, a member of our team will review your application

2: Upload your codes and links

When you're accepted, you will be able to add discount codes and affiliate links from creator dashboard.

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Our browser extension connects your codes and links to your fan base. They will be reminded to use your codes at checkout, so they save, and you earn!

4: Tell your subscribers

Let your subs know they can find you on BEAM! They will be able to keep track of all your up-to-date discount codes and affiliate links

5: No more memorizing codes

BEAM simplifies the process of remembering discount codes - storing content creator codes in one convenient location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're a content creator on YouTube, Instagram or Twitch, and make money through discount codes and affiliate links, then Beam is for you.

Beam helps smaller creators make more money from their codes by reminding your supporters to use your code through our browser extension.

By creating a BEAM account, you can upload your discount codes and affiliate links for the brands you work for.

All of your codes will appear on our browser extension and be shown to all of our users who will use your code to save money on their orders.

We store hundreds of up-to-date content creators discount codes and links in one place, so our users don’t have to search around for discount codes that actually work.

Once you are a BEAM member, your discount codes will be promoted on our browser extension to all of our users.

We make it easy for you to update your codes and grow your affiliate sales.

Once your fanbase support you on the BEAM browser extension, they will receive reminders to use your code when they are at a checkout with one of your sponsors.

Beam connects your discount codes with your subscribers so the next time they check out, they wont miss out on a discount and you get the commission!

Join beam today and start growing your commission

The browser extension does not track. store or sell any of your data. We are committed to total privacy and security and respect everyone's right to it.

BEAM is available on the chrome store and can be installed for free here.